Botox Non-surgical Cosmetic Jaw Reduction

A large number of people want changes in their facial appearance. Those who have a square jaw remain quite conscious about their jaw bone contour and how it is not shaped like a V.

For that purpose, cosmetic Botox jaw reduction technique is used to create a more “feminine,” more rounded face, with a decreased width of a square jaw. Jaw reduction is increasingly becoming amongst men and women who need a smooth round jaw. Asian / Oriental countries such as China, Japan and Korea have much higher demand of jaw reduction while the procedure is also quite popular in the UK.

However the question is, why so many people fancy a smooth jawline instead of wide lower jaw?

Why people dislike square jaw?


 Masculine appearance:

A square lower jaw is typically believed as a masculine feature. Seems normal for women to get rid of the square jaw for a smooth round contour, but for men an extensively wide mandible can cause noticeable facial disharmony and asymmetry. With that being said, a round contour can make facial appearance youthful. Does a batman-style jaw suit every guy? Probably not.

Ethnic preference – Orientals:

Jaw reduction procedures are common with the Asian community. Asian people from Far East countries like China, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Korea are genetically susceptible to a heavy jaw. Not necessarily a super square jaw, but it may appear prominent. And since it is quite of a manly trait, a round, heart-shaped jaw is desired by many Asians especially women.

Makes their outlook unpleasant:

A wide lower third of the face many not only cause a square appearance but can also grimace the natural outlook.

Makes them look older:

Your face hints about your age. As we age, the lower jaw continues to grow, creating a wide, square jaw line, eventually making people look older and it has nothing to do with wrinkles, sagging skin or droopy eyelids.

Causes of a Square, Wide Manly Jaw:

A square lower jaw can predominantly be caused by enlarged the mandible or masseter muscle which is the chewing muscle. As the masseter muscle increases in size, the jawline becomes squarer and distinct, a woman’s face could appear mannish. Both men and women appear overwrought and stressed as if they would have been continuously gritting their teeth. Hence it becomes an aging sign and something which needs to be disposed of.

Like with all health related issues, there are underlying causes which lead to a square jaw.

Causes of a wide jaw & treatments available:

The main causes are related with Bone, Muscle, Fat, and Skin.

Bone (wide jaw bone):

Having a wide jaw bone is mainly due to congenital reasons. Its treatment includes complex jaw surgery. Even in these patients, if their jaw muscle is not very large some jaw slimming can be done by reducing the muscle size.


Like a wide bone jaw, an enlarged muscle can also be developed due to congenital reasons but the behaviours including repeated gum chewing, teeth clenching, or bruxism can primarily contribute to enlargement of the muscle. Its treatment procedures are simpler and hence the most popular i.e. non-surgical cosmetic treatment using Botox jaw reduction injections to induce atrophy of muscle. Older method of shaving the muscle surgically now almost completely been replaced by Botox injections.


In cases where fat is causes wider jaw, there would also be fat in the cheeks and other areas of the face and hence though it seems logical to apply fat removal or liposuction of fat over the jawbone. However, it is not a recommended option for a narrower face. Though some age related drooping and jowling can improve with fat dissolving Botox jaw reduction injections and laser/vaser liposuction.


Skin doesn’t cause wide jaw appearance in young individuals but with age, it may lead to an inverted facial triangle which makes jaw appearance appear wider. The skin cannot be treated with Botox injections.


Botox injections:

As a matter of fact, Botox is used for fading the lines and wrinkles or adding more fullness to certain areas of the face. But for a wide jaw, Botox injections in London can also be used for its reduction.

For Botox jaw reduction injections, the cosmetic surgeon injects the needle in your masseter muscle. As a result, the size of the muscle decreases resulting in a round, youthful jawline contour. If the width of the lower third of your face and jaw is a concern for you, a simple and effective approach to reduce it without requiring surgery would be Botox injections treatments to reduce the size of the masseter muscle and can give you nice results for 3-4 months at a time.